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Gulf Cooperation Council Pediatric Nephrology Consortium (GCCPNC)

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1st G.C.C. Pediatric Nephrology Consortium (GCCPNC) meeting


  • Location: Kuwait
  • Date: 4-5 March 2016 (Friday and Saturday)
  • Host: Kuwait Nephrology Association
  • Attendee: Pediatric nephrologists from the GCC countries



Meeting Program:

Purpose of this meeting


         The purpose of this meeting or workshop is to let pediatric nephrologists from GCC countries sit together and discuss research ideas.  

         Then, to plan how to perform and execute  these ideas in the form of multicenter studies.




Guest speakers

      1/ Dr Rulan Parekh, MD , MS , FRCP(C), FASN 


           Current position:

                Dr. Parekh is a clinician scientist and Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Toronto, the Hospital for Sick

              Children and  University Health Network. In addition, she is a scientists at the the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning

              and an associate professor at Dalla Lana School of Public Health, department of epidemiology.  Dr Parekh is currently the program

              director for both adult and pediatric nephrology fellowship programs (University of Toronto). 



           Academic Background:


               Dr. Parekh has done her medical school in Dublin, Ireland (Royal College of Surgeons). Subsequently, she did her Internship at   

              Albany Medical College, Albany, New York, USA. Then, she did a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatric Residency at the 

              University of Michigan and Ann Arbor, MI, USA. Afterward, she also did a combined adult and pediatrics nephrology fellowship at    

              the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor, MI, USA. During her nephrology fellowship, she did a master degree in Clinical Research

              Design and Biostatistics. Dr  Parekh then did a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. Dr

              Parekh  held the American Board of  Pediatric, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric and Adult Nephrology.





                Dr Parekh’s research interests are the study of risk factors leading to progression of chronic kidney and cardiovascular disease.  

              She has published over 100 peer reviewed manuscripts and book chapters. Furthermore, she leads both NIH and Canadian

              Institute of Health Research sponsored observational studies in kidney disease. Some of her current works are:

                - Predictors in Arrhythmic and Cardiovascular Disease in End Stage Renal Disease (PACE). 

                - A new cohort study in dialysis patients to identify risk factors for sudden cardiac death  

                - Insight into Nephrotic Syndrome: Genes, Health and Therapeutics (INSIGHT) 

                - A cohort study of childhood nephrotic syndrome 

                - A pediatric solid organ transplant cohort

                - A site PI for the Family Investigation of Nephropathy in Diabetes (FIND).  

                - A co-investigator on the Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Kidney Disease Research Network


                Dr Parekh is a frequent speaker at ASN and many other international meetings. 






    2/ Dr Michael Zappitelli, MD, MSc                      



             Current position:


                Dr Zappitelli is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Nephrology (Montreal Children's Hospital) and Department of  

                Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health and Division of Experimental Medicine, McGill University. He is also the  

                director of the Dialysis & Apheresis Program at the Children's. 



              Academic Background:


                 Dr Zappitelli has done his pediatric residency and pediatric nephrology fellowship at McGill university, Montreal, Canada. In  

                 addition, he has done a Masters in Epidemiology & Biostatistics at McGill too. Furthermore, he has done two years of research

                 training at Baylor in Houston, Texas, USA where he developed his particular expertise in acute kidney injury. 





                 Dr Zappitelli become a leader in numerous national/international researches in AKI. His research interest also includes long-term  

                 renal outcomes, glomerular filtration rate measurement (where he validated and invented equation to estimate GFR) and blood

                 pressure. Dr Zappitelli hold FRQS Junior 2 Chercheur-Clinicien salary award and has received operating funds from CIHR,  

                 Kidney Foundation, FRQS and NIH to perform his research program. He has over 50 peer-reviewed publications in high impact     

                 journals and has written several chapter books and reviews. 


                 Dr Zappitelli is a frequent speaker at ASN and many other international meetings.




Conference sections:


                The conference will be divided into three sections:


                1/ Lectures: few presentations that will cover an introduction to medical researches, research types, research ethics and real  

                examples of multicenter collaboration projects.


                 2/ Abstracts review (main section): accepted abstracts (potential future projects) will be presented by their principle investigator. Then,  

                       the floor will be open for a discussion. The guest speakers will moderate these sessions and will help in refining research projects. 


                 3/ Administrative section: will discuss how we will perform the projects across GCC centers that were agreed upon in section 2

                 and ways for future collaboration. In addition, we will vote for future meetings (hosting center, place, date). We also will discuss  

                 any other administrative issues. 






                1/ First, you have to be a member at GCCPNC in order to attend the meeting (please refer to membership section for more  details).


                2/ Once become a member, send an mail it to There is no fee for the registration. 





Abstract submission:


               - Deadline to submit abstract is January 31, 2016. Please submit it by email (

               - Abstract should include: title, background, rationale and aim, method and study design (max 250 words).

               - Type of projects: cross-sectional, case control, cohort (retrospective or prospective), and randomized controlled trials.

               - All abstracts will be reviewed by the two guest speakers (Dr Parekh and Dr Zappitelli). The reviewer will be blinded to investigators'  

                 name and center. 

               - The organizing/scientific committee will try to accomodate all abstracts for presentation. However, a travel grant will be awarded  to 

                  investigators of top 5-10 abstracts  (i.e. investigators will be awarded a round trip ticket to Kuwait from one of the GCC countries, a 5 stars  

                  hotel (1-2 nights), and transportations from/to airport). This is not applied to nephrologists working in Kuwait. 

               - If you don't have a research idea to present, we really encourage you to attend the meeting because you will possibly be involved in some  

                 of the projects that will be presented. 

























Meeting organizer:


Omar Alkandari, MD MSc

Pediatric Nephrologist

Mubarak Hospital and Hamid Al-Essa Organ Transplant Center





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