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Gulf Cooperation Council Pediatric Nephrology Consortium (GCCPNC)

About US


   What is GCCPNC ?


    GCCPNC is a group of pediatric nephrologists from the GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,  

    Saudi Arabia, and United Arab of Emirates) who established this consortium on December 26, 2015 to  

    perform a multicenter medical studies across the GCC countries in the field of pediatric nephrology. 



   What is our vision ? 

    To become one of the main contributor to pediatric nephrology literature.    



    What is our mission ? 

     To improve the quality of care of pediatric nephrology patients by undertaking a multicenter pediatric  

     nephrology researches. 



    What is our aim ?

    To carry out a retrospective and/or prospective multicenter clinical and/or basic science researches  

    that address and possibly answer important questions encountered by pediatric nephrologists. In

    addition, we aim to establish registries that helps to improve the quality of care of our patients and

    to serve as a database for our future studies.  



   What are our activities ?

   An annual or biannual meeting where research ideas are discussed and planned. 





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